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Considering women’s increasing interest in engineering, forming a SWE graduate community UIC was inevitable. UIC GradSWE can be a valuable and resourceful community for both female graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing higher degrees. It can also serve as motivation for all women to prepare for higher education and help them smoothly transition into their future careers after they complete their education. This goal will be accomplished through different events such as training sessions, networking opportunities, scholarships, national conferences, webinars, and many other activities that will be held during each semester.

This community can empower women to be successful in their field of study and to blossom as a prosperous engineer in their future career. A major goal of GradSWE is to invite successful women in both academia and industry to share insightful advice on education and career hunting. Amidst these activities, UIC GradSWE will also host fun social events!

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